Do You want to be a Skull-Keeper?

variety of crystal skullsCrystal Skulls are said to choose their own Guardians

There is a unique Crystal Skull for everyone that elects to become a skull-keeper.

You have begun the magnetic process that will unite you and the crystal skull that is seeking you.

Your own crystal skull is inviting you to be its new caretaker.

Indianna Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullFor many people, the notoriety of the Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie has sparked an intense interest in assuming the care taking of a crystal skull. If you are one of those that finds yourself drawn to becoming a skull-keeper, it's very possible that your skull will attach to you from the pages on this site.


'Discount Crystal' is a resource portal for connecting those that have chosen to become skull-keepers with the crystal skulls that have sought them out. Remember - go with what your 'intuition' is 'attracted to'. Trust those 'gut feelings'! Click on the 'Crystal Skull' auctions below to connect with one now.

Large clear skullsagate skullsamazonite skullsamber skullsamethyst skullsaquamarine skullsaragonite skullsaventurine skullsbloodstone skullscalcite skullscarnelian skullscatseye skullschalcedony skullscitrine skullscoral skullsfluorite skullsfuchsite skullsgoldstone skullshematite skullshowlite skullsJade skullsjasper skullsjet skullsLabradorite skullsLapis Lazuli skullsLepidolite skullsmoonstone skullsObsidian skullsonyx skullsopal skullspetrified wood skullspietersite skullspyrite skullsclear quartz skullsrose quartz skullssmokey quartz skullssmelted Quartz skullsrhodonite skullsShiva Lingham skullssodalite skulllstigereye skullstopaz skullsturquoise skullsunakite skullsvarious material crystal skulls

'Discount Crystal' provides a library of information about Crystal Skulls.

As well as currently running auctions, our LIBRARY is dedicated to providing authoritative articles for caretakers of Crystal Skulls, or those seeking more information before making a commitment. Articles now in the library are:

1. Learn a little something About Crystal Skulls.
2. Stones and crystal are said to possess Special Powers.
3. Do those powers increase when shaped into Human Skull?
4. So, just what does determine the Value of Crystal Skulls?
5. Select your Skull based on your Sign of the Zodiac.
Choose a Skull based on Your Birthstone.
7. Crystal Skulls that Attract Money and Prosperity.
8. Skulls that Attract Love and Relationships.
9. Find a Skull that Enhances Your Luck and Good Fortune.
10.Skulls that Promote Healing and Wellness.
11.Select a Skull to Shield and Protect You.

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